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DERMA et al. scientifically formulates and manufactures conscious cosmeceutical skincare products to effectively treat skin concerns often experienced by people of colour. Our products utilise optimal concentrations of active ingredients determined by clinical studies and the scientific literature to be suitable for sensitive skin and skin of colour.

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DERMA et al. provides multi-active formulations to circumvent the need to layer multiple products (to treat a specific skin concern) which may lead to irritation due to incompatibility.

The combinations of ingredients we include in each product is carefully selected to work synergistically. Thus, each ingredient enhances the efficacy of the next. 

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The Fitzpatrick Skin Types. Types I - VI. Description and depiction of skin types.

Skin of Colour

Our products are created based on the Fitzpatrick scale – a system that classifies skin into six different photo types – which places emphasis on skin physiology, rather than colour and ethnicity, which have no scientific ground.

While the Fitzpatrick skin types are useful in some cases, it is also limited in its ability to include the ranges of skin complexions that exist. It is, therefore, only considered as a broad guide. Skin of colour is classified as Types IV - VI and faces unique challenges.

We formulate powerful, non-irritating skin care with the goal of directly helping to heal, replenish and maintain the vital skin barrier, while treating problems such as hyperpigmentation. Our products are also excellent for sensitive skin of any skin type.

We use active ingredients at their clinically validated active levels so that they are effective at targeting each skin concern that we treat.

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Evidence-based Skincare

DERMA et al. is a brand that focuses on science. Therefore, we will not make any “natural” and “organic” claims, as being natural or organic doesn't make an ingredient better or safer. A common misconception is that natural chemicals are safer or milder than synthetic chemicals. Yet, this idea is not supported by toxicological evidence.

Natural or synthetic, we aim to use the best ingredients possible to compose gentle and effective formulations that will proactively improve your skin at its root. 

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